Welcome to Ethoneuro Lab

Ethoneuro lab is situated within School of Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University.

We have secured two research grants in early 2018. Given this, Ethoneuro lab is planning to expand starting Jul 2018. We are looking forward for new colleagues to join our group at all stages of academic development. Please write to Ajai (ajaivyas@ethoneuro.com) if you are interested.

We are interested in diverse research questions at the intersection of neuroendocrinology; parasitology and behavioral ecology. We take pride in braiding mechanistic view of biology with its mooring in the evolution and ecological conditions.

We are broadly interested in backwash effects of death on the processes of the life. Finite nature of the life creates a variety of trade-offs in individuals. We are interested in how these trade-offs reflect in brain and hormones. We use perturbation models in our approach. These models include manipulation of host behavior by coevolving parasites; breakdown of learning and memory due to aging; and effects of predator presence on prey physiology. These diverse approaches are united by our vision of placing form and function of neuroendocrine system within a framework of biological evolution.

We have a healthy disrespect for artificial separation between fundamental and clinical biology. Our work relates to both fundamental understanding of biological processes (e.g., trade-off between reproduction and defense in brain or non-consumptive effects of predation) and issues more closer to human condition (e.g., optogenetic modulation of memory in dementia models or sexually transmitted protozoan infections).

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